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On average we will spend a third of our lives asleep. That means that by age 80, we will have spent nearly 28 years of our lives asleep.

Wellness starts with a good night’s sleep. Our bodies use this time to repair, to process the day’s events, and to restore energy. It’s important to get it right—that’s why we have tried and tested our room designs and atmospherics to ensure the right mechanisms are in place for our guests to get to sleep easily and stay asleep longer.

Our DOMA Arms of Morpheus mattress is aptly named after the God of Dreams.

The god-like bed uses world-leading technology to provide the ultimate support and comfort, allowing guests to sleep longer and deeper, waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day. You don’t get into bed, you sink into the Arms of Morpheus.

How to take the Arms of Morpheus home:

The perfect night’s sleep doesn’t have to be exclusive to your stay at Doma Hotels, you can now take the bed home with you.

Choose from king, queen, double or king single mattresses, as well as base and bedhead options in two sophisticated colour schemes. Featuring a single-sided pillow top construction, premium gel infused memory foam and a 10-year warranty from A.H. Beard, the Arms of Morpheus provides premium support and unmatched comfort.

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Why not book a night at a Doma Hotel and test the bed for yourself.